#161: Otis Redding, "The Dock of the Bay" (1968)

161 Dock of the Bay.jpg

A day – a dollar – a knock on the door. All alone. All my fears. All night – all of them. All that stuff – alone. Always have the blues a little, and this loneliness – look like nothing's gonna come my way. Baby. Baby, – baby, I – baby, I got to get home to you – baby, let me – ‘cause I've had nothing to live for.

Champagne and wine. Crying, darling, days and nights. Down in my luck. Drink that good gin in each others’ arms, everybody Huckle-Bucking – everybody – everybody’s swinging. Everything still remains the same: feeling so blue. For fun. For more than words can ever – for not another day. For so many years. For you.

Gonna hold on – got to. Have mercy – haven't even got – help me – here we come again: home. Home to you. Honey – hush. I ain't lying, I am a lover. I believe I'll hold on – I believe, – I believe I can't do nothing right. I can't do what ten people tell me to do. I can't stand – I can't stand this cold. I don't know nothing in the world that I'm gonna do – I don't know what in the world I'm gonna do. I get a little worried – I got to. I had no place to go. I just –

I just can't sleep when I lay down in my bed. I just can't sleep. I just couldn't wait. I left. I lived the life. Now I look for you. I love you baby, I love you honey, I love you – I love you. I made that mistake – I roamed. I wanna come home. I want to come home to you.

I’ll hold on. I'm gonna hold on. I'm just – I'm telling you, I'm tired of this running around. I'm trying to get back – I'm trying to get back to my baby. I’ve been so wrong – I've been so wrong, so many times – I've got something to tell you, I've had nothing to live for. Just a rug on the floor. I've lived this way for so many years. If you're still waiting. In Memphis. In my bed. In the morning sun. In this house. In your hand. In your pocket. Into my eyes – just linger in my head. Let me in. Let me, like a shade that dims the light.

My baby. My eyes. My hands. My home. My life. My love. More than words can ever say. My one desire. My new dance, new places, no place to go. Nobody come around, nobody wants you. I watch them roll away again. Nobody, nobody, nobody, not one penny, nothing but trouble – nothing's gonna come my way, nothing in the world – nothing more – nothing's gonna change. Of being. Of love. Of us. Out of luck over you. Please send faith, please wash away all my fears – please, let me sit down beside you. Poor heart. Remain the same, yes. Resting my bones, running around, set my little soul on fire. Since I've seen you, so many times, spending my money stupid, swinging. Tell you one thing, that good gin. That's all right, mama was – papa too. The clouds roll by a little. The evening come. The light. The ships roll in. The thoughts of you babe, the tide.

The world gets through with us. The wrong color. Then there's a knock on the door: the landlord and the taxman, they all come. They call it. This cold. This loneliness. This running ‘round. This side of the sun. Tired, tired of being all alone – tired of being – tried to spend it like a dollar. Watch me, wasting time. Well I tell you, when the evening come, when the world is through with us, when you're down and out – with this – with your love – yeah – yes – yes, I do.

You – you babe, – you just – you must have thought – you should know, you've got me – you've got me in your hand, a woman you don't know. One thing – one thing, I know – it makes me feel good to know one thing. One thousand miles away – open the door: Otis is coming home to dry your weeping eyes.

—Amanda Bausch