DEMI ADEJUYIGBE is a 26-year-old writer, comedian, and video artist who has written for The New Yorker, The Guardian, Pitchfork, MTV, Marvel, and NBC’s The Good Place. He currently writes for The Late Late Show with James Corden. He lives in Los Angeles, and there is absolutely no evidence linking him to any of the Zodiac killings. #199 / #67

HELEN ALSTON is a writer and avid dog hugger local to Charlottesville, VA. She holds a degree from the University of Mary Washington. The rest of her life is forthcoming. #339 / #301

LACY BARKER reads, writes, and bakes things in Virginia. She received her MFA in creative writing from Hollins University and works as a digital content manager. #498 / #491 / #428 / #337 / #183 / #82

AMANDA BAUSCH is a graduate of the MFA program in poetry at Virginia Commonwealth University. She currently resides in Richmond where she writes songs, eats pizza, and plays backgammon. #431 / #161

EMILIE BEGIN lives in San Francisco. You can often find her digging through record store bins, searching for the best burrito in SF, or discussing forgotten one-hit wonders and true crime podcasts on Twitter (@emilieabegin). She graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a BA in English (Creative Writing). #76 / #65

EMMA RIEHLE BOHMANN received her MFA in creative writing from Hollins University. She currently reads, writes, and runs in Minneapolis. #490 / #454 / #414 / #383 / #361 / #323 / #310 / #271 / #232 / #171 / #140 / #120 / #53 / #14

CLAIRE BOSWELL holds an MFA in fiction from Virginia Commonwealth University. She teaches composition and creative writing at Virginia State University and reviews local theatre for Style Weekly in Richmond, Virginia. She is the faculty editor of, an online anthology of the best undergraduate writing, and her stories appear in Blue Crow Magazine and the Sink/Swim anthology Front Porch Flash Fiction. #306 / #46

J. BRADLEY is the author of The Adventures of Jesus Christ, Boy Detective (Pelekinesis, 2016). He lives at #284 / #227

JOHN GREGORY BROWN was born and raised in New Orleans. He is the author of the novels Decorations in a Ruined Cemetery; The Wrecked, Blessed Body of Shelton Lafleur; and Audubon’s Watch. His fourth novel, A Thousand Miles from Nowhere, will be published in 2016 by Lee Boudreaux Books, an imprint of Little, Brown and Company. #410 / #208 / #56 / #8

KEAH BROWN has a BA in Journalism from The State University of New York at Fredonia. Her work has appeared in Teen Vogue, Essence, Catapult, and Lenny Letter, among other publications. Read her work at: and follow her on Twitter: @Keah_Maria. #214

JAMES BRUBAKER is the author of Pilot Season (Sunnyoutside) and Liner Notes (Subito Press). His stories have appeared in Zoetrope: All Story, Hobart, The Normal School, The Collagist, Michigan Quarterly Review, and elsewhere. He teaches writing at Southeast Missouri State University. #488 / #485 / #480 / #471 / #449 / #384 / #369 / #347 / #261 / #211 / #168 / #162 / #114 / #110 / #100 / #87 / #43 / #35 / #28 / #24

ELISE BURKE received her MFA from Hollins University. She has been nominated for a Pushcart prize, the Best of the Net anthology and one of her stories was named a 2014 storySouth Million Writers Award notable story. Her fiction has been published in Hayden's Ferry Review, Indiana Review, Gulf Coast, Joyland, Heavy Feather Review, Swarm Quarterly, and elsewhere. #381 / #345 / #276 / #262 / #169

SARA CAMPBELL lives, works, hikes, and loves on her dog in Los Angeles, where she's lived longer than anyplace else. She can be found babbling in many places on the Internet under her pseduonym @janedonuts. #197

MAIREAD CASE ( is a working writer and teacher in Denver, Colorado. #116 / #106

CASEY CLABOUGH’s books include two memoirs, a novel, a biography, six scholarly books on southern and Appalachian writers, and the latest Idiot’s Guide to Creative Writing. Clabough serves as editor of the literature section of the Encyclopedia Virginia and series editor of the multi-volume “Best Creative Nonfiction of the South.” #396

SUSANNAH CLARK is a writer and editor living in Brooklyn. Her work has been published in Inside Higher Ed, PopMatters, Under the gum tree, and elsewhere. She has been nominated for the Best of the Net anthology and the Pushcart Prize, and has a Notable essay listed in the 2016 Best American Essays anthology. #483 / #422 / #421 / #392 / #354 / #343 / #299 / #285 / #253 / #225 / #196 / #109 / #89 / #66 / #39 / #9

EMILY COSTA teaches freshmen at Southern Connecticut State University, where she received her MFA. Her writing can be found in Hobart, Barrelhouse, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, and elsewhere. #50

JOSHUA CROSS lives with his wife and son in South Carolina, where he teaches at Coastal Carolina University. His stories have appeared in Beloit Fiction Journal, Big Muddy, failbetter, and elsewhere. #166 / #131 / #119 / #58

LOGAN CROSSLEY is a law student at Northwestern who writes stuffy legal memos by day and overwrought tweets by night. His life's quest is to psychologically cope with failing to make the 7th grade basketball team. #84

LIBBY CUDMORE's debut novel, The Big Rewind, received a starred review from Kirkus & praise from Publisher's Weekly, Booklist & USA Today. Her work has been featured in The Collapsar, Stoneslide Corrective, PANK, the Locus-nominated anthology HANZAI JAPAN and the blogs at Yacht Rock and Classic Albums. #296 / #291 / #98 / #12

ANDREW DAVIE received an MFA in creative writing from Adelphi University. He taught English in Macau on a Fulbright Grant. Currently, he teaches in Virginia. His work can be read in Bartleby Snopes, Necessary Fiction, The South Dakota Review, and FLAPPERHOUSE, among others. His website: #215 / #205 / #79 / #38

CHRISTIAN DETISCH is an MFA candidate in creative writing at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he serves as the Levis Fellow. His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Blackbird, Superstition Review, and minnesota review. #462

BRAD EFFORD created and edited the RS 500. He lives with his wife and two cats in Berkeley, California. #499 / #496 / #493 / #487 / #481 / #470 / #468 / #453 / #452 / #444 / #442 / #435 / #394 / #387 / #377 / #374 / #366 / #334 / #321 / #305 / #243 / #235 / #210 / #160 / #71 / #60 / #1

NICOLE EFFORD works in marketing and events around Washington, DC, but has never stopped writing. She won the 2016 G. Glenwood Clark Fiction Prize, was a finalist in the 2018 and 2019 William and Mary Literary Awards, and has been published by Underwood Press. Most nights, you can also find her watching '90s rom-coms. #430 / #380 / #349 / #325 / #316 / #298 / #244 / #207 / #177 / #85 / #40

KEITH EKISS is a Jones Lecturer in Creative Writing at Stanford University and a former Wallace Stegner Fellow. He is the author of Pima Road Notebook (New Issues Poetry & Prose, 2010) and translator of The Fire’s Journey (Tavern Books, 2013) by the Costa Rican poet Eunice Odio. #479

LEE ERICA ELDER is an NYC-based writer and editor and a UVA grad. She has published articles on any and everything health and education related but is especially fascinated by the health and education of the human heart. When not copyediting or proofreading she writes short stories and essays. #328 / #319 / #318 / #281 / #257 / #203 / #57 / #47

LAURA EVE ENGELis the author of Things That Go (Octopus Books, 2019). The recipient of fellowships from the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center, the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing, and the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, her work can be found in The Awl, Best American Poetry, Boston Review, The Nation, PEN America, Tin House, and elsewhere. You can get at her on too many forms of social media @lauraeveengel. She lives in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. #439 / #399 / #352 / #327 / #307 / #30 / #2

LINDLEY ESTES is a writer, reporter, and editor based in Fredericksburg, Va. She is a graduate teaching assistant at George Mason University and MFA candidate in fiction writing there. Her writing has appeared in numerous newspapers and just a few journals. #94 / #88 / #11

BO FAHS is a writer and co-host of the podcast Tele-Friends. Leave him a message at (304) 518-JAMS. Ask for Janice. #156

AARON FALLON grew up and now lives in Roanoke, the de-facto provincial capital of Southwest Virginia. He holds degrees from the College of William and Mary and from Hollins University. He makes a living as a grant writer for a community action agency. #474 / #417 / #402 / #280 / #231 / #223 / #113 / #63 / #27

BOSCO FARR lives in Austin, TX in fantastic Dia De Los Muertos art palace. When not working, he thinks about music way too much, writes a little, and pursues the punk rock lifer's dream. #288 / #200

ALEX FENCL is a writer and musician living in Atlanta, GA. He holds a degree in English from Denison University in Granville, OH. #245

CHRIS FOSS is a big rock singer who’s got golden fingers and who’s loved everywhere he goes, but the thrill he’d never known is the thrill that’ll gitcha when you publish flash fiction for an album cover of The RS 500. #241 / #137

MICHAEL T. FOURNIER is the author of Double Nickels on the Dime (Bloomsbury/33 ⅓) and two novels, Hidden Wheel & Swing State (Three Rooms Press). His writing has appeared in Razorcake, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, and Oxford American. He’s the publisher of Cabildo Quarterly, a broadsheet literary journal. More at #333 / #326 / #267 / #212 / #191 / #152 / #123 / #73 / #41

DOUG FULLER is a graduate of the MFA program in poetry at Virginia Commonwealth University. His poetry has appeared in The Pinch, Mead, Superstition Review, Bodega, Spry, and The Monongahela Review. He plays guitar in a rock and roll band called The Welcome Hips. #494 / #287

MIKAL GAINES is a writer, drummer, and full time pop culture junkie. He received his B.A. from Hampton University and his M.A. & PhD from the College of William and Mary in American Studies. He currently teaches at MCPHS University and Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA. #294 / #290 / #154

DANIEL GEOGHEGAN is a drummer in a few NYC-based bands, including Commonwealth Revival and poorcolin. He loves writing about music, and was previously a contributor to Pinpoint Music. #254

NICK GRAVELINE is a Wisconsinite who chased a bird down to Nashville, Tennessee to make a home and escape the cold. He reads, carries things, and believes Guided By Voices to be the greatest rock band of the modern era. He tries his best not to leave the house. #419 / #398 / #370 / #363 / #329 / #283 / #142 / #99 / #33

PRARTHANA GURUNG works for a living, but is on a constant search to merge passion with trade. Strike up a convo with her about anything related to Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights, Mario (R & B, not Nintendo), community organizing, or Sandra Cisneros, and you’re in for a lively one. #469 / #393

JOE HALSTEAD is the author of West Virginia, a novel available from Unnamed Press. His work has appeared in LitHub, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Electric Literature, drDOCTOR, and others. He is currently working on his sophomore novel, The Chalice. He lives in Lexington, KY. #91

PAUL HANEY's work has appeared in Fourth Genre, Sweet, Slate, Redivider, Gravel, Glide, the Tallahassee Democrat, and elsewhere. He'll soon have an MFA from Emerson College. Follow him @paulhaney. #247 / #204 / #97 / #16

JOSHUA HARMON is the author of the essay collection The Annotated Mixtape, the novel Quinnehtukqut, the short story collection History of Cold Seasons, and the poetry collections Le Spleen de Poughkeepsie and Scape. He lives in western Massachusetts. #461 / #432 / #429 / #412

DILLON HAWKINS is a graduate student. He watches a lot of baseball and has a companionable bond with a dog named Boo. They live in Oklahoma. #365 / #344 / #311 / #278

HOLLY HAWORTH grew up in rural Tennessee on 1980s country music radio and cricket-song. When she was ten or eleven she got into Violent Femmes and The Flaming Lips. She still likes all of these things. If Holly could resurrect any musician it would have to be Jason Molina, a mad and beautiful genius who does not have a single album on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 list. #457 / #425 / #364 / #351 / #192

KORI HENSELL received her MFA from the University of Alaska Fairbanks where she spends most of her time spinning records and hastily applying lipstick in the dark winter nights. Her favorite album of all time is Robbie Basho's Visions of the Country. Her work has appeared in Pleiades, Stirring: A Literary Journal, Big Lucks, and elsewhere. #75

ANDREW HOLTER is a writer and historical researcher based in Baltimore. His work has appeared in Baltimore City Paper, The Paris Review Daily, Eater, The Brooklyn Rail, and elsewhere. #188

COLIN HOLTER is a musician, arts administrator, and writer on music based in the Cleveland area. He holds degrees in composition from the University of Minnesota, Brunel University, the University of Illinois, and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. #127

GRACE HOWIE is graduating from the University of Mary Washington with BAs in Communication & Digital Studies and English: Creative Writing. She has been a music journalist for The Blue & Gray Press throughout her college career and is currently the lead singer & bassist of the Fredericksburg based band, So Badly. #132 / #49

JEREMY JOHNSTON is a Baltimore-based multi-media artist and archivist whose work has been shown at The Creative Alliance, the Creative Arts Film Festival (nominated for Best Experimental Short), and the Knoxville Film Festival. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Hampshire College in 2014. #138 / #134

CHARLIE KAPLAN is the CEO of Cymbal, a music social network for iOS and Android devices. He has previously written about music for NPR Music, Prefix, and his own album guide and new music monthly, The Retrographer, available at He's on Twitter as @ciwk and Cymbal as @charlie. #222 / #145

UPMA KAPOOR is a graduate student writing communications plans, and a project manager with poems taped to her desk. Her bookshelf has her Jane Austen action figure standing next to her vinyl of Beyonce’s B'Day. #376 / #297 / #179

DEVIN KELLY earned his MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and co-hosts the Dead Rabbits Reading Series in New York City. He is the author of two collaborative chapbooks as well as the books Blood on Blood (Unknown Press), and In This Quiet Church of Night, I Say Amen (forthcoming 2017, CCM Press). He edits for Full Stop, works as an afterschool director in Queens, teaches at the City College of New York, and lives in Harlem. #186

J.P. KEMMICK is a graduate of the University of Montana's MFA program and the author of the chapbook Space City, USA. He lives in Portland, OR, where he writes for the music and culture magazine, Eleven PDX. #484 / #473

KATELYN KILEY received her MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she served as Levis Fellow and was lead copyeditor for Blackbird. Her poems and essays have appeared in Mead, Bayou, and Hobart, among others. #472 / #465 / #448 / #411 / #403 / #395 / #353 / #315 / #270

SARAH KIMURA is a writer from New York. She is currently a student at Stony Brook University. She writes for Post-Trash and her campus culture magazine, The Press. She has been tweeting on @twum_ble since the fourth grade and plans to never shut up. #96

LISA KO is the author of The Leavers, the winner of the 2016 PEN/Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction. Her writing has appeared in Best American Short Stories 2016, The New York Times, Buzzfeed, Narrative, and elsewhere. Visit her at #228

STEVEN CASIMER KOWALSKI lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio. His favorite band is Black Sabbath. Right now he is listening to a lot of St. Vincent and early Genesis. If you’d like to talk about music with him, he's on Twitter @casimerkowalski. #463 / #437 / #407 / #386 / #356 / #341 / #300 / #266 / #149 / #61

JASON LEAHEY is the Director of Commonwealth Word, a literary arts organization operating The Maribar Writers Colony and collaborating with communities to return the arts to its role in the public good. His fiction and non-fiction have been published in publications like The Antioch Review and Paste. #226

COLIN LEE received his MFA from Hollins University, where he was awarded the Andrew James Purdy Prize for Fiction and the Melanie Hook Rice Award for the novel. He reads and writes, but mostly climbs mountains in VA with his dog, Brown Dog. #401 / #371 / #264

YUNA LEE, born and raised in Northern Virginia, lives in her mind of alternate timelines, one where Hermione kept the Elder’s Wand, and another where Y2K actually happened. She spends her free time paddling, climbing, and deciding what to eat. She is a healthcare consultant/visionary and moonlight wedding flash-mob choreographer. #198

JOE LENNON grew up in Georgia and North Carolina, and since then has lived in Texas, Missouri, Czech Republic, and China. Now he lives and teaches in Colorado, and takes long walks. He has taken approximately 2205 photographs of nothing and put them on Instagram: @joe.lennon #332 / #135

S.H. LOHMANN is from Houston, where she attended the same high school as Beyonce. She has an MFA from Hollins University. She lives in Roanoke, where she manages programming at an adult literacy non-profit, and reads poetry for the LA Review. Her work has appeared in Rattle, Indiana Review, Third Coast, and Best New Poets 2014. #451 / #308 / #165 / #107

LISA MANGINI is the author of a collection of poetry and four chapbooks of poetry and prose. She holds an MFA from Southern Connecticut State University, and is the Founding Editor of Paper Nautilus, a small press. She lives in Central Pennsylvania, where she teaches English at The Pennsylvania State University. #83 / #74 / #18

JOE MANNING is a columnist, essayist, songwriter, and founding member of the band King’s Daughters & Sons. Their 2011 release, If Then Not When was met with the critical acclaim of eager, thronging tweenies. Manning is legally blind in one eye but stands his watch with unflinching bravery, surveying the cultural landscape of the 21st century, and the punch bowl. #434 / #406 / #391 / #174 / #143 / #34

RYAN MARR lives in St. Louis. He likes music, lunch, and getting e-mail. Ryanlmarr at gmail dot com. #336 / #286 / #240 / #189 / #139

JEFF MARTIN has been published in Mississippi Review, The Greensboro Review, Sou’wester, and Mid-American Review, among others. He is the Associate Director of the University of Virginia’s Young Writers Workshop. #249

RACHEL MASON grew up in Virginia. She studied Geography at the University of Mary Washington and Social Justice at SIT Graduate Institute. She is a blogger, who explores culture and identity each week at #233

RORY MASTERSON graduated from Fordham University in the Bronx but is originally from South Carolina. His writing appears anywhere pixels are sold. He co-founded and edits the blog Tuesdays With Horry. He tweets sporadically and retweets frequently, usually about basketball, Prince and Lionel Messi, @rorymasterson. Check your facts. #117

MICHAELANGELO MATOS writes about DJs for Mixmag and The New Yorker. He is the author of Sign ‘O’ the Times (Bloomsbury 33 1/3 series, 2004), The Underground Is Massive: How Electronic Dance Music Conquered America (Dey Street, 2015), and the forthcoming Can’t Slow Down: How 1984 Became Pop’s Blockbuster Year (Da Capo, 2020). He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. #20

FRANK MATT is a journalist, television producer, and writer based in Washington, DC. His work has appeared in McClatchy Newspapers, Al Jazeera English, Longreads, and elsewhere. #163

SEBASTIAN MATTHEWS lives with his family in Asheville, NC. The author of two collections of poems and a memoir, he is currently working on a novel and has recently completed a book of essays. #436 / #213 / #103 / #52

MARISSA MAZEK received her MFA in Creative Writing from Hollins in 2015, and got her BA in English and Creative Writing at Barnard in 2010. Her work has been published in Barzakh, Construction, Entropy, Watershed Review, and elsewhere. She recently completed a novel set in the South Bronx and Puerto Rico. #427 / #295 / #80 / #23

MOIRA MCAVOY has served on the editorial teams of NANO Fiction and the Rappahannock Review, and her work has been featured in various publications, including The Rumpus, Storyscape, and The Financial Diet. She received a BA in English and Linguistics from the University of Mary Washington and lives in DC, but is now most easily found on Twitter. #236 / #193 / #182 / #150 / #70 / #37 / #5

EVAN MCGARVEY's work has appeared in Slate, The New Republic, VICE Sports, and the Los Angeles Review of Books. He's the co-author of 2pac Vs. Biggie: An Illustrated History of Rap's Greatest Battle (Voyageur, 2013). He lives in Dallas. #77

JACK MCLAUGHLIN was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He received a BA in English from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. He lives and works in Madison, Wisconsin. #416 / #230 / #25

ZAN MCQUADE is a writer, photographer, translator, and baseball enthusiast living in Cincinnati. She is the editor of The Cincinnati Anthology, drives a 2003 Subaru Outback, and has a thing for Todd Rundgren. #446 / #405 / #389 / #360 / #277 / #221 / #173 / #62 / #44 / #7

MATT MEADE's fiction has appeared in The Sun Magazine, The Rag, Maudlin House, and elsewhere. Some of his work, as well as the one good picture he has of himself, can be found at He no longer smokes. #293 / #229

JOSH MEDSKER is a New Jersey writer, originally from Alaska. His work has appeared in many publications, including The Ekphrastic Review, The Brooklyn Rail, Everest, Red Savina Review, Haiku Journal, The Review Review, and Into the Void (UK). For a full list of publications, please visit his website at #260 / #122 / #260 / #92

JOSIAH MEINTS spends way too much time listening to Kanye and Radiohead, among others, and arguing about sports ethics and rhetoric. He teaches writing in Oklahoma. #202 / #181 / #144 / #59 / #29

ERIC MELIN is a writer, TEDx speaker, rock drummer, and advocate for world peace through air guitar. He's also a social media douchebag, the president of the Kansas City Film Critics Circle, and an Air Guitar World Champion. He goes to 11. Follow him at @SceneStealrEric. #159 / #17

MATT MELIS has spent the last dozen years covering the arts as an Editorial Manager, columnist, and co-owner of Consequence of Sound. When not managing the best staff in the blogosphere, he writes fiction, teaches college literature, and has contributed to other outlets like TIME and the 33 1/3 series. #51

MELISSA MESKU is an essayist and software engineer in New York City. She holds a degree in Rhetoric from the University of California at Berkeley, and is the founding editor of New Worker Magazine, The Void, and ➰➰➰. She still has all her vinyl. Follow her on Twitter at @melissamesku. #155

JACK MEVORAH is an architect in Washington, D.C. who writes about music, the built environment, and the natural world. Jack is a boulderer, bassist, father, and lecturer. He still has all his vinyl. #220

MATT MITCHELL is a poet, essayist, and gluten-free dumpster fire from Ohio. His debut chapbook, you & me & the pink moon & these portraits, will be released from Ghost City Press in August 2019. He believes the quintessential pop banger is “Hold Me Now” by Thompson Twins. You can follow him on Twitter at @matt_mitchell48. #19

JENN MONTOOTH received her MA in Historical Studies at UMBC, where she focused on Black Power in 1970s America. She is an archivist, banjo player, and writer based in Washington, DC. She also really likes to laugh. Follower her on Twitter and send her a joke @jenn_montooth. #176 / #172 / #170 / #136 / #125 / #112 / #102 / #55

KAT MOORE has essays in Hippocampus, Blunderbuss, Whiskey Island, Yemassee, Salt Hill, The Rumpus, and elsewhere, and forthcoming from Brevity, Passages North, and Diagram. She also has work in the anthology Bodies of Truth: Personal Narratives on Illness, Disability, and Medicine. She was the winner of the 2016 Nonfiction Prize at Profane Journal, and a Best of Net Finalist in 2017. #22

ANGELA MORRIS earned her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Central Oklahoma and currently serves as the Grant Writer for the UCO College of Fine Arts and Design. Her previous fiction and creative nonfiction has appeared in This Land Press, Atticus Review, The Chaffin Journal, and other literary magazines. #340 / #234 / #201 / #128

STEPHEN MORTLAND lives in Indiana. His fiction has appeared in XRAY Literary Magazine and Faded Out, with stories forthcoming from Egress Magazine. His reviews and essays can be found at Necessary Fiction, 3:AM Magazine, Pank, Entropy, and elsewhere. #86

LENA MOSES-SCHMITT's work appears or is forthcoming in Indiana Review, Best New Poets 2015, The Normal School, Ninth Letter, Devil's Lake, and elsewhere. She lives in Berkeley, California. #495 / #466 / #433 / #390 / #372 / #358 / #258 / #151 / #10

ANNIE MOUNTCASTLE is from Roanoke, Virginia. She studied at the Jackson Center for Creative Writing at Hollins University and loved it. Her work has appeared in Oxford Magazine, Rattle, Dialogist, and The Greensboro Review. #459 / #36

EMMA MURRAY is working on an MFA in creative writing at Oklahoma State University. She loves David Bowie, ice cream, and anonymity. #324 / #146

SARAH NICHOLS lives and writes in Connecticut. She is the author of several chapbooks,including Dreamland for Keeps (Porkbelly Press, 2018) and Little Sister (Grey Book Press, 2018). Her work has also appeared in Memoir Mixtapes, Dream Pop, Drunk Monkeys, FreezeRay, and Rogue Agent. #342 / #269 / #251 / #157 / #111 / #108

ERIN ROSE O'BRIEN writes plenty of things, including but not limited to: tweets, music newsletters, and screenplays. She is a graduate of NYU and was an inaugural fellow at NYU Production Lab's Development Studio. Sometimes does comedy. Has an iPod Classic, just like Baby Driver. #129

CONNOR TOWNE O'NEILL is a writer and radio producer based in Auburn, Alabama. He tweets @towneoneill. #4

NATASHA OLADOKUN is a writer living in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her poetry and essays most often explore faith, doubt, the divine, and learning to know God through language and creative expression. She holds an MFA from Hollins University, where she learned that genres are only sort of a real thing. You can follow her on Twitter at @NatashaOladokun. #304 / #302 / #242

BRIAN OLIU is originally from New Jersey and currently lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He is the author of four full-length collections: So You Know It’s Me (Tiny Hardcore Press, 2011), Leave Luck to Heaven (Uncanny Valley Press, 2014), Enter Your Initials For Record Keeping (Cobalt Press, 2015), and i/o (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2015). #367 / #259 / #158 / #118 / #54

MARTHA PARK is an MFA candidate at Hollins University's Jackson Center for Creative Writing. She is from Memphis, Tennessee. #486 / #434 / #417 / #280 / #223

ELENA PASSARELLO is the author of the essay collections Let Me Clear My Throat and Animals Strike Curious Poses. She lives in Oregon, where she teaches at Oregon State University and serves as the announcer of the nationally-broadcast PRI radio show Live Wire! Find her on Twitter @elenavox. #68

ADAM PETERSON's fiction can be found in Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading, The Kenyon Review, The Southern Review, and elsewhere. He recently moved to Los Angeles, California, for some reason. #292

EMILIA PHILLIPS is the author of Signaletics (University of Akron Press, 2013) and three chapbooks. Her poetry appears in Agni, The Kenyon Review, Poetry, and elsewhere. She’s the recipient of a Breadloaf Writers Conference fellowship and an Emerging Writer Lectureship from Gettysburg College. She’s the prose editor of 32 Poems. #492 / #477 / #467 / #423 / #279 / #246

MEGHAN PHILLIPS is a writer and editor from Lancaster, PA. She currently serves as the fiction editor for Third Point Press and as an associate for SmokeLong Quarterly. You can find her writing at and her tweets @mcarphil. #133

EDIE POUNDERS, a native of East Tennessee, lives in Memphis, where she watches episodes of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 on YouTube in cycle sequence with the liturgical calendar, procrastinates, and talks to her dogs. She has an MFA. #379 / #184 / #175

S. PRICE writes and hikes in Roanoke, Virginia. She frequently rocks out to many albums featured on the RS 500. #445

DAVID W. PRITCHARD received his MFA in poetry from UMass Amherst, where he is currently pursuing a PhD in modern and contemporary poetry and poetics. He is a member of the Central Committee of INDUSTRIAL LUNCH magazine. His poems have appeared in Route 9 Literary Magazine, TINGE, No Assholes, and elsewhere. #478 / #456 / #440 / #420 / #413 / #404 / #382 / #350 / #348 / #309 / #273 / #31

WILL PRITCHARD (no relation) lives in Portland, OR and teaches English at Lewis & Clark College. #458 / #450 / #418 / #400 / #180 / #141 / #78 / #21

COLIN RAFFERTY is the author of Hallow This Ground, a collection of essays about monuments and memorials. He teaches at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Read more of his work at #489 / #475 / #388 / #317 / #105 / #3

EMMA RAULT is a writer and translator living on a canal boat in London. #282 / #218 / #187

ELLEN LOUISE RAY is a high school social studies teacher in Asheville, North Carolina. During the 2016-2017 school year, she served as the 35th Writer in Residence at St. Albans School in D.C., and in May of 2016, she earned her M.F.A. from Hollins University. She's at work on her first novel. #147 / #26

EMILY REILY is a freelance journalist and editor who has been published in Riot Fest, Paste, Bandcamp, Noisey, and several other sites. She lives in New England, tends to her unruly vegetable garden, and has yet to crowd surf. She’s at @Radiobites and #90

TODD RODMAN is a session bassist based in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. He loves Rick Danko and that Southwestern skyline. He's played on none of your favorite albums. #368

JY SAVILLE lives, writes, and listens to a broad spectrum of rock music in northern England. She tweets @JYSaville and blogs at where there are links to all her free-to-access work including flash fiction, speculative fiction, and graphic novels. #195

ALYSIA SAWCHYN is a features editor for The Rumpus and a nonfiction editor for Sweet Lit. She currently lives in Northern Virginia. Her essay collection, A Fish Growing Lungs, will be published by Burrow Press in June 2020. Her writing has also appeared in Fourth Genre, Brevity, Prairie Schooner, and elsewhere. #42

MIKE SCALISE is the author of the memoir The Brand New Catastrophe, forthcoming from Sarabande Books. His work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Paris Review, Agni, and a number of other places. He's on Twitter at @mikescalise. #346 / #153

WILL SELLARI once had a demo he sent into Ipecac Records sampled without credit by Mike Patton. He now makes corporate videos about feet. #256 / #224 / #95

MOLLY SELTZER graduated from the University of Virginia and Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism. She is the author of All Downhill from Ivan Puffenbarger and is currently writing YA. She spends her free time thinking about veterans' rights, baking, and what life would be like if she'd actually become a jellyologist. #355 / #275

PETER SHEEHY is a writer, musician, baker, and world-class procrastinator in Queens, NY, where he is apt to follow cats across streets. His fiction has appeared in Catamaran Literary Reader, Chicago Quarterly Review, Little Star Weekly, and The Madison Review, among others. #206

KELLY SHIRE is a writer from Southern California. Essays that are inspired by or otherwise about music have appeared in Under the Gum Tree, Entropy, The Coachella Review, & Full Grown People. She's finishing a memoir about her working-class family as seen through the lens of music and pop culture. You can find her at #64

BRAD SHOUP is a technical writer in Austin, TX. He has written for SPIN, Stereogum, The Singles Jukebox, City Pages, Red Bull Music Academy, The Atlantic online, and Maura Magazine. He is currently sorting the 1,000 greatest songs of the 1970s. #303 / #217 / #167 / #126

MARIE SICOLA received a BA in studio art and English from the University of Mary Washington. She currently lives in Richmond, VA where she loves photography, screen printing T-shirts, and making origami cranes. #314 / #101

JOE P. SQUANCE is a writer and teacher in Oxford, Ohio. You can read his fiction in magazines like Juked and Monkeybicycle. I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got is the first CD he ever paid his own money for, in 1990. He owns that same copy still to this day. #408 / #378 / #362 / #331 / #263 / #209

CONSTANCE SQUIRES's novels are Along the Watchtower (Riverhead) and Live from Medicine Park (forthcoming). Short stories have appeared in Guernica, Shenandoah, The Atlantic Monthly, This Land, and other magazines. Nonfiction has appeared in The New York Times, Salon, The Village Voice, Largehearted Boy, and on the NPR program Snap Judgment. #460 / #455 / #385 / #357 / #289 / #265 / #164 / #148 / #93 / #72 / #32

EVE STRILLACCI teaches at the University of Hartford, where she devours student essays to feed her life force. Once full, she watches hockey and forgets to make important phone calls. She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and her work has appeared in Sixth Finch, The Paris-American, and elsewhere. #482 / #443 / #373 / #335 / #238 / #124

SARAH SWEENEY is the author of Tell Me If You're Lying, a collection of essays. She works as a freelance writer and crushes on Action Bronson. #272 / #239 / #81

JILL TALBOT is the author of The Way We Weren't: A Memoir from Soft Skull Press (2015). Her work may be found online in journals such as Brevity, DIAGRAM, Hobart, The Normal School, The Paris Review Daily, and The Rumpus. #375

ADAM TAVEL won the 2017 Richard Wilbur Book Award for his third collection of poems, Catafalque (University of Evansville Press, 2018). You can find him online at #447 / #426 / #409 / #237 / #115 / #15

SHANNON THARP is the author of The Cost of Walking (Skysill Press, 2011) and Vertigo in Spring (The Cultural Society, 2013). With Sommer Browning, she's the co-editor of Poet-Librarians in the Library of Babel: Innovative Meditations on Librarianship (Library Juice Press, 2018). She lives in Denver, Colorado. #330 / #130

ERIC THOMPSON received his MFA in creative writing from Hollins University, where he was awarded the Andrew James Purdy Prize for Short Fiction. His work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and has appeared in or is forthcoming from Blackbird, Bodega, and Glimmer Train, among other journals. He writes and reads in Virginia. #500 / #497 / #476 / #415 / #359 / #338 / #322 / #252 / #250 / #104 / #6

ELIZABETH WADE holds degrees from Davidson College and the University of Alabama. She divides her time between Virginia (where she teaches at the University of Mary Washington) and New York (where she works in curriculum development). Her work has appeared in Kenyon Review Online, AGNI, The Oxford American, and others. #424 / #255

BENJAMIN WALKER earned his MFA in Creative Writing from Hollins University. He works as a civil servant in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. His poetry has appeared in PANK, Prick of the Spindle, Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, SOFTBLOW, and elsewhere. #274 / #219 / #121 / #48 / #13

MICHAEL WASHBURN is Director of Programs at Humanities New York. He writes about books and culture for The New York Times Book Review, The New Republic, and other publications, and is currently working on a book about rock ‘n’ roll, southern identity, and the southernization of the US. #268 / #45

RANDALL WEISS is the Interviews Editor at The Cossack Review. He writes poems and other stuff and tweets at @rweissguy. His work has appeared in The Stockholm Review, This Land, Crosstimbers, and elsewhere. #216 / #190 / #185

ERIK WENNERMARK writes prose in Hong Kong. If forced to pick between Iron Maiden and most things, he would choose Iron Maiden. Follow him on Twitter @erikwmark. #464 / #441 / #438 / #397 / #312 / #248 / #178

APRIL GRAY WILDER is editor-in-chief of Flock Literary Journal, recipient of a 2018 CLMP Firecracker Award. She writes stories, essays, and poems, and is also a science writer for New York University. Her most recent work appears or is forthcoming in the Fairy Tale Review, Potluck, and The Hollins Critic. #320 / #313 / #69

BENJAMIN WOODARD's recent fiction has appeared in, or is forthcoming from, Hypertrophic Literary, Hobart, and WhiskeyPaper. He is Editor-in-Chief at Atlas and Alice. Find him online at #194